The Voyage Home: The Voyage Long

I was so proud of myself with The Mindful Home sonnet’s rhyme scheme consisting of no more than two words that I was about to prop my feet up and call it a day when I remembered:

  1. the environmental message of the fourth film, which you have to be a jerk to miss; and,
  2. Kirk totally quoted “Whales Weep Not!” by DH Lawrence, and when have I ever ignored a poetry reference? Even if I don’t mention it in a post, it makes its way into the poem.

So, I pulled from his work until nearly every line contained some trace and wove in so subtly, so deftly the issue of preservation that I have to admit I have impressed myself. I love when that happens.

Sonnet 50
The salted cold does yet contain
the hottest blood, most urgent, wild:
they blow — they blow — a white, hot rain
and rock and rock at sea the child
who dreams in songs leviathan
and walks among the agonthan;
they press and press the child to act
and clasp and clutch their final tract
in hopes of passing on the hymn
that reassures the longing life:
to bridge that bridge of loving strife
from him to her and her to him,
the ceaseless flood pours without words
and — fathomless — all sporting girds.