The Search for Spock: The Love for Spock

Yesterday I took issue with the logic behind what constituted Kirk’s sacrifice in the film. Actual logic dictates that he — and his core crew — set out willing to sacrifice their careers for the life of their friend, and — along the way — sacrificed the ship for their lives while also risking their lives for their friend.

Everyone who died in the film would have died regardless of their setting out to save Spock because … Klingons. The difference is that because they did set out to save Spock, two otherwise doomed lives (Spock and Saavik, with the change of actress happening as a result of what sounds like a bunch of miscommunication as well as lack of forethought) were saved.

Anyway, I wrote last week’s sonnet based on the intended — though imperfect — logic of the film, and this week’s sonnet is the sonnet I wanted to write. This is Spock’s closest friends expressing their deepest affections.

Sonnet 48
Beginning now, we do not stand
with those who speak against the truth,
but seek instead — as you had planned —
to grant all hopes another youth;
for faith gives rise to our one chance
at seeing our own souls advance
unto that better resting place
more far than farthest reach of grace.
We choose the danger chiefly grave.
Yours is the last nobility,
the stronghold of affinity.
We choose all dangers that might save;
for you re goodness full and more,
the indeterminate in store.

By the way, does anybody else remember that time Spock shared his consciousness with Christine Chapel in order to save the day and she was very satisfied with the experience? I do.