Communications Log: All sorts of egg on my face over here.

Specifically, there are three types of egg on my face.

First, I misremembered something in a big way because I was trying too hard to do a thing that didn’t make sense.

Once upon a time I shared the origin story of my first-ever epic poem, the pantoum Random Bearings. However, it wasn’t the origin story of the writing of the poem, but the inciting incident for the first PDF edition. The poem was written because it could be written very easily while the child I nannied at the time was sleeping and I’d already finished my trek-inspired sonnet of the day.

The biscuits-and-gravy story (which I will edit/asterisk with a correction at a later date) confused me because I was in the midst of learning about how to market my poetry. Something I was specifically learning from online coaches who teach online coaches how to teach online coaches. “Telling your story” is pushed heavy in that triangle-shaped situation and my brain morphed the biscuits-and-gravy into a more exciting (though ultimately inaccurate) origin story.

Second, I forgot (and also had compulsive nonaction trying) to follow up on a thing from one year, one month, and ten days ago.

Once upon a time I got into the very useful habit of publishing edited entries from my dream journal to Patreon as Dream Prompts and then published a sampling here as a brief series of Subspace Logs (since dreams are produced by the subconscious). The whole thing kicked off with a note about writing yourself permission slips and accountability slips. To be perfectly frank, too much timne has passed for me to succinctly state why I am just now writing to say that this really isn’t the place for Dream Prompts.

At any rate, I feel like my fiction website is a much better place since my dream tend to consist of a lot of storytelling elements. Turns out that even when I’m asleep I can’t turn off being a storyteller. just never gonna happen.

Third, I missed a detail that didn’t mess up the site, but did leave subscribers completely in the dark.

In preparation for house-/cat-sitting for my sister and her family, I was checking on the ease with which I can log in to the admin areas for my sites via my iPad (because this is what use instead of a laptop). While doing so I noticed that one of the scheduled posts hadn’t published and that none of the six Mission Reports for the first three movies had been sent to subscribers because I’d forgotten to tag any of them.

Publishing the unpublished Mission Report was easy, but simply adding the tags to the untagged reports has been a bit of a nail-biter. Presumably they’ll end up grouped together in a single email, but they could ends up all sent out individually for an accidental (albeit small) blow up of folks’ inboxes. But they also may not be sent out at all because they’re not technically ”new” posts to the RSS feed.

Fingers crossed they’re all grouped into one cozy-if-annoyingly-long-and-in-reverse-order email.